Person is contemplating or seeking euthanasia or assisted suicide

As a pastor of souls, accompany the person with every effort and in fervent prayer. Listen attentively and receptively to discern:

  • What are the fears and concerns which occupy the person?
  • Are there present signs of anger or despair?
  • Is the person being pressured by external factors in their family or medical care environment?
  • Are there mental health issues shaping this determination?
  • Is there any sign of diabolic influence? Is there a true serenity about this decision?
  • Is it clear that willful pride and bitterness attend such a decision?

Person is proceeding with the intention to die by euthanasia or assisted suicide

  • The priest must NOT participate in any announcement of or ritual enactment of euthanasia or assisted suicide.
  • Act with as much compassion and firm gentleness as possible, in an attitude of humble mourning.
  • Inform the person of the moral and spiritual impediment a morally wrong act poses to God’s gift of healing.
  • Assure the person and his or her family that you and the Church will pray for his or her healing and salvation.