Planning ahead can help make life’s unexpected turns easier to handle.

The Archdiocese of Edmonton has created an Estate Planning Guide for Catholics to help you think through the various decisions – from a Catholic perspective. Click HERE to download a pdf copy of the guide.

The Covenant Health Palliative Care Institute has created a website called Compassionate Alberta to help people have conversations about living and dying well, and to plan appropriately for the end of life.

  1. Talk About Death and Dying presents a variety of strategies and conversational tools to encourage open and honest discussions about death and dying.
  2. Plan Ahead explains how to plan, discuss and document your wishes for the health care you want to receive now and in the future, who will speak for you when you can no longer speak for yourself, and how you would like your estate distributed after your death.
  3. Learn About Palliative Care provides learning modules and tools to help you understand and access palliative health care.
  4. Build Community Support introduces you to the Compassionate Communities movement and invites faith communities and others to support people touched by sickness, death and grief.